Hello, yes I am wearing pants today.

If you have a short attention span I strongly recommend checking out the portfolio as it not only features my work, but it also does funny things when you change categories. This feature alone kept me completely engaged for several minutes. I only tell you this to spare you my life story.

We gotta start somewhere

Back in 1982 a whole bunch of computery stuff got standardised, and the concept of a world-wide network of fully interconnected itty-bitty networks called the Internet was introduced. I had no idea this happened, because in 1982 I was a three year old boy in Canberra playing with dead mice and asking my Dad if I could smoke the cigar that was left on his taxi floor. I'm sure I was doing other interesting things, but it's probably just not that relevant.

Everything was good in the 90's

In the mid 1990's this 'internet-doo-hickey' became commercialised and basically exploded. Once again, I was oblivious to this series of events, as I was now fresh out of High School and more interested in crashing dirt bikes, watching action movies and trying to remain employed as a screen printer in Dubbo.

Late in '97 I was unceremoniously dumped from my awesome screen printing life and remained unemployed for 4 months, the flipside to this was that I had just received the longest holiday I will probably ever have in my life. Meanwhile, the internet was starting to vaguely resemble the ugly cousin of what we call the internet today.

And that's when the cops turned up

After 13 years in sunny Dubvegas, I moved on down to Orange, to work at a fridge factory. If you've ever looked at the inside of a freezer door and seen the little icons of meats and how long the freezer will keep it from killing you and wondered how it got there - Well thats what I used to do. I used to do a bunch of other factory drone work too, but it didn't involve any chemicals, so there's not much to say.

Meanwhile the Dot-Com bubble burst, I was downloading websites and reverse engineering them. I wanted to know how these things worked, and as I wasn't at University getting taught how to do it properly, I'd find one that looked pretty good, download the code and wonder why it wouldn't work anymore. From pretty early on, I realised how good I was at breaking these things.

Home is where the work is

So I quit my factory job after 8 years ( I just couldn't take it anymore, man.) and started a cartooning gig. The biggest problem with that plan was that I would only be getting paid 4 times a year. I quickly hid under a rock and set about teaching myself Photoshop whilst entertaining thoughts of business grandeur.

I picked up a bit of logo work here, a business card design there, a brochure, another drawing gig (yep, 4 times a year again) and then got a shot at a website. 6 years on, I don't get holidays, lunch breaks or time to fix up my own site. I talk to myself regularly, my six year old son thinks I live on the computer and I sometimes wear pants to work.

I'm Myles, and I'll be the guy you'll be dealing with from start to finish. Designer, coder, developer, tester, consultant, receptionist, sales, accounts and tech support.

I also make the coffee. But it's nothing special.

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